I work in the field of art conservation-restoration, specializing in ancient and modern paintings on wood and canvas. Currently I collaborate with several major Italian and foreign museums and institutions, as well as private collectors in Italy and around the world, offering them not only restoration work but also consultancy, assistance and in-depth technical analysis of their works of art.
Although my work focuses on the actual restoration process, I also help train restorers, as ongoing studies are essential for their profession. As a result, I collaborate with the student training programmes at the leading schools of restoration in Europe.
For my work I use the critical and methodological approach derived from Florentine restoration practices, which are based on in-depth knowledge of traditional materials along with constant updates about new products and procedures aimed at improving conservation.
As part of this work I have had the chance to meet numerous foreign colleagues from the different international schools of restoration, and they have continued their work at the highest levels in their own countries. Many of us continue to exchange experiences and thoughts regarding the various methods and techniques used in different cases.
I am convinced that exchanging experiences among colleagues is one of the most important factors for mutual professional growth.
For major restorations, I also focus on publishing the findings that emerged from the work. One example is the documentation produced when I restored Giotto’s Badia Polyptych, now at the Uffizi, because I am convinced that restoration is a key opportunity to add to the body of knowledge regarding the work, not only from a technical and scientific standpoint, but also as a contribution to the study of art history.